Baby’s First Reiki Circle

Yesterday, when i brought Bella to the pet blessing, I grabbed a pamphlet for the Center of Spiritual Living- Fort Lauderdale and noticed they offer Reiki circles for humans as well. In high school, my best friends mom did reiki on me once but i really didn’t understand it and had absolutely 0 connection with or […]

Full Moon Magic

Today, for a lack of better fitting words, was magical.  It started with my friend Lindsay inviting me and Bella to join her at a pet blessing. Thinking about how much time and energy I have been putting into my own spiritual journey, it only seemed fitting I would encourage hers too! The blessing was […]

Someone Leaked My Nudes Today

This is why your parents tell you not to take nudes, even though everyone does it. It doesn’t matter how much you trust the person you’re sending them to, you can never trust technology to keep them safe in that person’s hands. I am not anti- nudes. Although I find the female body to be […]

Mount Shasta

Back in April, I made this video and declared that I was starting a new blog. As much as I love blogging at,  I have a lot to say that doesn’t feel appropriate to post there, as it’s not related to fitness or weight loss. I wanted to share my journey of self discovery […]