Why Going To A Male Revue Was My Ultimate Ladies Night Out

Last night I went to the 50 Shades Of Men Male Revue. My friends invited me to go for a girls night and I agreed. I agreed because it was on Groupon and only $15. I agreed because it was a night out with friends and I knew we would make it a good time no matter what. But personally, I didn’t think I was really into the male stripper thing. There wasn’t much about male thongs that did it for me. I actually have an ex who was a stripper, and never once did I have the desire to see him in costume or do one of his routines.

I also had some reservations because my life has kinda flipped in the last few years. In the dark and depressing parts of my life I went to female strip clubs all the time, so i just associate that atmosphere with sadness. I’m also no longer interested in sleeping around or meaningless sex, so I wasn’t sure watching strangers hump other strangers would be any fun for me at all.

I arrived with one friend and as we waited for the other two, I started to get really anxious. I felt way out of my comfort zone and wasn’t quite regretting going, but wasn’t exactly giddy and excited like all the other women there. I hadn’t planned on drinking (back to trying to get abs lol)but I decided to have a drink because I needed to relax and I wasn’t inspired to try to meditate in a night club bathroom stall.

As I sipped on my drink and my friend and I talked more, I did start to loosen up. I also started observing the room and was super impressed with the diversity. There had to have been at least a handful of women there over 65. There were bachelorette parties, divorce parties, single women, married women, big women, little women, short women, tall women, dolled up women, natural women, every color of women, women showing lots of skin, women fully covered. This made me feel more comfortable. What were all these women looking forward to that I thought was going to be kind of a joke? I made a conscious decision to make this a great night.

The night did end up being awesome. The show was so entertaining! I give 2 stars for the actual choreographed dancing; they didnt exactly give Chris Brown a run for his money lol But the… fantasy moves (for a lack of better words lol) were definitely worth the price of admission. 😛 I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having, how entertaining they actually were, and how good the energy in the room felt. It didn’t feel like a dirty or depressing environment at all. It felt fun and light and positive, in spite of the nature of the show’s content.

The time of the night came where women had the opportunity to go on stage, and to my surprise, I wanted to! I have no freaking idea what came over me. I guess this was me surrendering to the night and acting on my commitment to live the hell out of this life.

My dance was freaking great. SO great, my chair broke! 300lb Ashley would’ve been mortified. Current Ashley did not care. My dancer didn’t either. He was holding on to the back of the chair anyhow and said “I got you!” and made it pretty graceful lol  Check it out!

annnnnnnd the juicy part from a different angle! lol

Lawwwwwwd have mercy!

After the show was over the venue turned back into a night club, but with one catch- there were only women there. A couple hundred of us. My friends had befriended a bachelorette party while i was on stage and they invited us into their VIP area. We spent the next couple hours dancing, singing, and forming a conga line through out the entire club (no, really.) I only had two drinks the whole night and felt totally drunk with the amount of fun i was having. I had never had such a good time, barely buzzed, in a club before. I couldnt help but continue to wonder why the vibe was so freaking good in that room, and then I think I figured it out.

Women behave differently when there are no men around. Usually when I go to night clubs I can feel dirty looks and side eyes. No woman has ever befriended me in a night club, with the exception of the super drunk girls in the bathroom.  No woman has ever pulled me into VIP…. never mind me and 3 female friends. I’ve never received so many compliments from women. I’ve also never danced with so many random women. I’m assuming because at normal clubs there is often a strange man humping your ass so if you want a dance partner, a lot of times we just accept the humper. If you don’t want to dance with him, we often pull the gay card and pretend the friend we came with is our girlfriend and dance with her for the night. But last night we had no one humping us so we had no reason to cling to the ladies we came with. Which was amazing for obvious reasons but even better because i believe it inspired us to dance with each other. It was for real – good, clean, fun… kind like the slumber parties I went to as a kid. Which sounds crazy since only an hour before i had balls in my face, but i swear to you that’s how innocent, care free and fun it felt.

So last night, while watching men gyrate in thongs,  I took in two major lessons. First, when you think you don’t like something, try it anyway. You just might have the time of your life. I also learned how kind women can be when they don’t feel like they need to compete for or impress the opposite sex. Men and media have brainwashed most of us to thinking of other women as the enemy and last night was such a perfect example that it doesn’t have to be like that. I cant help but wonder how different our world would be if us, as women, treated each other this way always. If more women realized we don’t have to compete. If more women felt secure. If more women loved each other. If more women loved themselves…

Something worth thinking about! Would you act differently to your sisters in a room full of both sexes vs a room of women only?  Be honest with yourself and maybe next time you go out, screw how many men want to grind on you. Compliment that gorgeous dress across the room and dance with her and her home girls. The world would be a better place if we all behaved like that token sweet drunk girl in the bathroom- even when we’re not drunk and out of the bathroom 🙂




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